• Who we are

    InvestCorp is an investment banking and asset management firm. Our business is to invest on behalf of our clients - individuals, companies, institutions and governments. Our uniqueness is a dedicated focus on our clients in a way that blends innovation with tradition. We welcome our target clients to work with us in creating a better financial future and sustainable businesses.

    InvestCorp was founded in 2013 with a focus on alternative assets and licensed in 2014 by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana (SEC) as an asset management and advisory company as well as by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) as a pension funds manager. The idea of InvestCorp was originally conceived in 2012 with an aim to set-up a global 'search fund' with Sub-Saharan African focus to help revitalize ailing companies.

    The Company has a long-term vision of becoming a preeminent global investment banking and asset management firm with African origins executing transactions and deploying capital for social impact, sustainable growth and attractive returns.

  • How we support SMEs
    Our Investment Funds and SMEs

    InvestCorp's flagship InvestCorp Mid-tier Financial Services Investment Fund (InvestCorp Mid-tier Fund) allocates up to 10% of its portfolio to non-financial services companies, which provides an opportunity for us to structure medium to long term securities for SMEs with strong management, good corporate governance (well constituted board), strong cash flow and willingness to provide exit strategies through the capital market.

    Growth companies that are limited liability entities, have well thought out strategic plans, strong management and diversified boards, etc. may benefit from investment from our flagship fund. The advantage of this is that the investment from the fund may meet your growth needs and have strong advisory and partnership benefits.

    Advisory Services

    Our Advisory business team provides valuation, capital raising and listing advisory to SMEs in their growth phase. The difference in working with us is that we aim to sincerely build long term relationships that will facilitate the building of sustainable and competitive businesses. Our advisory model is multi-disciplinary and ensures that you have the roadmap to build a sustainable business and absorb short term shocks. We will help you to design a suitable capital structure and push through reforms that will help your company shift from excessive reliance on commercial bank financing (the most dominant in our economy) to capital market financing.

  • Contact Us

    SMEs in their growth phase can apply by engaging the team at InvestCorp through or call our office on 0303 937-584.